5 Decorating Tips for the Holiday Season

Christmas is almost here, is your home ready for it? Decorating for the holidays can sometimes be a daunting task, so we’ve created a list of tips to help you prepare your space for the holiday season.


  1. Matching Coloursblue-christmas

When decorating for Christmas we often try to match our decorations to each other, keep with a consistent colour scheme. Rarely do we think to match our Christmas colour scheme to the existing colours in our homes. By choosing colours that compliment our existing furniture, fabrics and curtains we can achieve a unified feel that’s more comfortable on the eyes.




  1. Decorating the Tree

This is the part where you can get the most creative! Think outside the box. For a more rustic look try using burlap for garland or string together some pinecones. Use natural looking ornaments such as bunches of cranberries, balls of twine or even make something of your own using found treasures. Decorate freely! The bonus of a rustic looking tree is that you don’t have to be precise with your placement, asymmetry only adds to the effect.

If you’re going for a more elegant looking tree, try using a luxurious ribbon or beads as garland, and don’t be afraid of a little sparkle! Keep it consistent, keep alike ornaments evenly spaced and more fragile ones near the top where they are less likely to get knocked off.


  1. Christmas Centerpiecescenterpiece

Perfect for adding a little flair to the surfaces in your home. A centerpiece can be large and extravagant or you could create something smaller and more streamlined. No matter your taste, options are endless. For a traditional holiday look, keep it natural by using evergreens, candles, flowers and other nostalgic items. Looking for more of a modern look? Focus on clean lines, bold colours, and symmetry.




  1. Decorate the Ceiling?

Yes! You absolutely can decorate your ceiling! It may not be a huge focal point in your home, but it is far too often underestimated. If you have a chandelier, this is the perfect place to hang ornaments. Use some sprigs of evergreen, garland or decorative ornaments (or a mix of all three!) to spruce up your chandelier for the holidays. No chandelier? Suspend a stick or bar from the ceiling and hang ornaments from it at varying heights.



  1. Include Your Wrapping Paper

You already have gifts under the tree, so why not make them part of the décor? Choose a wrapping paper that fits your theme and add individual touches to each gift. Twine, foliage, ribbon and bells are all great ways to spruce things up under the tree.

Your home should be a reflection of who you are, so decorate with what you like! Choose a theme that inspires you and run wild with it.

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