Spring Cleaning Is Here!


Our tips and tricks to keeping you window treatments clean and looking brand new!

Spring has finally arrived!  When spring finally appears after the long winter everyone opens up their doors and windows to let the fresh warm air into their homes.  But what happens when all your window treatments haven’t been cleaned and the breeze blows all the dust and allergens off your blinds and into your home?

Cleaning all your window treatments will keep your home cleaner and will help prevent the spread of dust and allergens.  Following some simple steps will keep your window treatments fresh and clean!

Cleaning Your Blinds

Before you start to clean your blinds you need to know which kind of blinds you have.  If your blinds are horizontal they are attached together by a string, or if your blinds are vertical they are long panels pointing down.  It is recommended to clean your blinds monthly and bi-annually.

Cleaning Vertical Blinds Monthly

Step 1: Close your blinds.  This will make the panels lie flat.

Step 2: Using a damp cloth or a feather duster gently wipe by working from the top of each panel to bottom wiping away visible dust and dirt.

Step 3: Once this is done you can now position the panels so that they are now open so you can see in between them.

Step 4: Repeat the process above getting all the left over dust and dirt.

Blinds 2

Cleaning Horizontal Blinds Monthly

Step 1: Close the blind so that the panels are lying as flat as possible.

Step 2: Clean by gently wiping with a damp cloth or a feather duster.

Step 3: Once all the panels are clean open the blind so you can see in between the panels and wipe each panel individually, ensuring all dust is wiped away.

Cleaning Blinds Bi-Annually

Bi-annually each panel on your blinds should be cleaned with warm water and a light detergent (nothing that can harm the surface or finish on the panels), if you do not have this you can also clean them with a damp cloth and dish soap.  For this you would follow the same process as you would for cleaning them monthly.

Cleaning your Shades

When cleaning your sun-blocking shades you can use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment, this will ensure that you get deep into the fibres but you will not damage the surface of the blind.  If you notice that there are light stains on the surface of your blinds it is crucial that you dust the shades before tackling the stains.

Cleaning your Shades Monthly

Step 1: No matter what type of shade you have you can use the same process.  Start by lowering your shades all the way down.

Step 2: Using your vacuum with the soft brush attachment work your way from the top of the shade using a left and right motion with the vacuum head working your way to the bottom of the shade.


Cleaning your Shades Bi-Annually

­Step 1: Make sure that your shade is lowered all the way down and you have dusted it with the vacuum using the process above.

Step 2: Using dish soap and a lightly dampened cloth with warm water you can now begin to remove the stains.

Step 3: Working from the bottom of the shade to the top blot the stains making sure you don’t saturate the material (fully saturating the material could damage it).

Step 4: Leave your shades lowered down fully until they have dried.

Cleaning your Shutters

Regardless of what your shutters are made from cleaning them can be a breeze.  Cleaning your shutters on a monthly basis with a damp cloth, feather duster or even a vacuum will keep them looking brand new!

Cleaning Shutters Monthly

Step 1: Close all the shutters so the panels are lying as flat as possible.

Step 2: Using your damp cloth, vacuum with a soft brush (to ensure no scratches) or feather duster work your way from the top of the shutter to the bottom removing all visible dust and dirt.

Step 3: Once you have done so you can open the panels and enjoy your clean shutters.


Cleaning Shutters Bi-Annually

Step 1: Keep your shutters open so that each panel is visible.

Step 2: Using a damp cloth or a surface cleaner (making sure it is not harsh, you don’t want to take the finish off the panels) wipe each panel from the top to the bottom to remove all dust and dirt.

Step 3: Open your windows and let the breeze dry them naturally!

Cleaning your Drapery

When you have drapery and curtains in your home you need to remember that these take the most work to take care of them.  On a monthly basis you need to make sure that you use a vacuum with a soft brush attachment and a low setting (to prevent rips and tears and also to prevent sucking up the material).

Reminder: Kitchen and Bathroom drapery fabricate more dust then rooms   that are used less often.  So make sure that you are cleaning these rooms regularly to prevent dust build up.

Cleaning Drapery Monthly

Step 1: Making sure that your draperies are hung securely so you do not accidently pull them down.

Step 2: Lightly dust your drapery with the vacuum ensuring that you gently fan out the drapery to make certain that you get dust out of the pleats.


Cleaning Drapery Yearly

On a yearly basis it is recommended to do a deeper clean on your drapery.  As long as the fabric is machine washable you can carefully take them off of the rod and wash them at home.  Make sure that you use a gentle cycle when using your washing machine, do not put your drapery in the dryer.  If they are iron safe you can iron your drapery when they are damp and then hang to dry after you’ve done so.  If your drapery isn’t machine washable you can take them to a professional and/or hang them outside on the clothes line to be aired out.  This will ensure that your drapery is clean and free of dust and allergens.

Cleaning your Window Treatments

Now that spring is here you can open up your windows and enjoy the fresh air just remember that keeping your window treatments clean all year round is a must!  If you clean according to these tips your window treatments will look brand new and you will be able to enjoy the warmer weather without worrying about the dust and allergens spreading through your home.


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